OM 6.14 crashes on Linux


I am using i3wm on Arch Linux. It has something to do with rendering or X I guess. It doesn’t even raise any error most of the time. Just freezes. I don’t know where to start debugging this problem. I have also attached the log file.

This is the error:

openmusic: XlibInt.c:216: _XPrivSyncFunction: Assertion  
dpy->synchandler == _XPrivSyncFunction' failed.  
  Display: ":0 {Lispworks}"  
  Error: BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)  
  Major opcode of failed request: 142 (Composite)  
  Minor opcode of failed request:  152 ()  

!!!!!Wrote error log to /home/kureta/logs/LispWorks/openmusic-log at 2019/02/15 0:09:53  

I guess there was a problem with file attachment.


Hi Sahin,

Same with me. I am using i3wm which is great. However i think this problem comes from the popup baloon help of OM.
If Anders can kindly compile us an om version without these popups in order to test, i think it will great.



Have no clue why that triggers this with i3wm, never used it myself, and don’t think i want to install it here. Based on the error message, it seems to be something low-level, either a bug somewhere in your Xlib or perhaps in LW’s capi interface, nothing i can do with either of them. Sorry.

If you can isolate a minimal test case, with simplest possible steps to ensure reproducibility, please notify.



@Karim: if you want to disable tooltips you probably don’t need a new build. Just try the following code:

(defmethod oa::om-show-tooltip ((self oa::om-graphic-object) &optional (remove nil) (short nil)) nil)  
(defmethod oa::om-hide-tooltip ((self capi::output-pane)) nil)

Thanx a lot Jean,

I will try this and will get back to you to report.


…So far so good,
no problem for the moment.
Grazie mille Jean



@KARIM It seemed to work fine for a while but crashed again. I can’t understand exactly what causes the crash. But I have seen only one similar error on the internet and it occurs when an application tries to draw a very large image. Do you have dual monitors? Maybe OM tries to draw something across both monitors. Also, there is a different error this time:

  Display: ":0 {Lispworks}"  
  Error: BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length error)  
  Major opcode of failed request: 107 (X_SetScreenSaver)  

What does the screen saver have anything to do with anything?


Dear Sahin,

Yes, i’ve also did noticed the fact that running on dual monitors (that i use) before disabling popups help somehow was related to a crash.
However, for the time being (knock on wood), i didn’t have any, with Jean’s help (popup stuff disabled).
I will report, however if i notice a crash due to a big image. )For the time being, just using some small VOICEs.
It could be also related to the re-drawing of OM’s music editors. So Ander’s could be right after all on this point. I hope not,
In this case it would mean that LispWorks/Linux has some issues and limitation regarding graphic display… ???

Will keep you informed if i crash. For the time being my thimb is saored with ctrl+s !!! :slight_smile:

Peace guys, and thanx a lot


…by the way just for info, i am on debian stable (stretch) …
so it is not specific to Arch linux which is also a great serious distib.
Maybe related to our i3wm ? or some gnome missing dependency ?
I wonder if someone tried OpenMusic on a KDE or some other funcky wm?


I think it’s probably related to i3wm. PyCharm IDE also crashes the whole wm under certain conditions. It’s either that or the dual monitor setup, seeing that you are using a much more stable distro and still having similar problems. Also, sometimes just OM freezes/crashes, sometimes i3wm freezes and doesn’t let me do anything. I had to ssh into the machine and kill OpenMusic to recover the session.


In my case, i3wm never freezed on an OM crash. When OM crashes happened OM’s windows were greyed so i just had to kill it (killall -9 OM…)
And by the way maybe helpful info, i use floating mode for OM :

for_window [class=“OM_6.14.1”] floating enable, border normal

because i find this mode with OM much more practical.

Anyhow , will keep on testing, and will report.



Hehe …(not so funny)…

just crashed, and no report in the logs…
It happened while i tried to open a “big” patch…

Keep you posted



Keep in mind, the uploaded builds of OM are for two specific distros: atm. Fedora 29 and Ubuntu 18.04.1 (LTS). If any of these builds work at all on other OS’es/distros/builds it’s only because you’re lucky.

Linux isn’t one thing, there are so many dependencies which may differ across distros and versions, even low level libs like libc/glibc, Xlib, and GTK*.

I will continue using Fedora myself as the main development platform, and guess i could continue building and packaging OM for one or two other distros running in a VM. Ubuntu is chosen because it sees such widespread use, but if there are other distros which should be considered instead, please let me know.


@KARIM I switched to XMonad just to see if the problem was due to i3wm. OM crashed again in XMonad, so maybe it is the dual display setup. This time I see a different error though. Failed to create dedicated X11 display! Maybe this can help us identify the problem. I will start searching around the web, just wanted to let you know so you can also look further into the problem on your side.

Also @ANDERS Manjaro is currently the most popular distribution according to If you are willing package OM for one more Linux distribution you can consider Manjaro. Since it is based on Arch, it would also be very helpful for us. I can try to help you with packaging and testing on Arch Linux. I am already maintaining a few AUR packages, so it wouldn’t be a problem for me.


Hi Sahin.

I had a quick look at, and there are at least 11 different editions there atm, no clue where to start.

If you send me a link to one specific iso you yourself would like to use OM with, i’ll give it a try.

Please also notify me if OM stop’s crashing in a single display setup.


From my experience, OM works just fine on this distro: Pop!_OS (Ubuntu-based):


Dear Sahin,

Thanx for the report. I will continue my testings. It is as I suspected, it is non related to i3wm. Maybe it is om’s own problem of displaying wide windows. It happens when i have very large scores in Poly. But strangely i have no logs no more appearing while it crashes.
Will keep you posted.



@ANDERS I would suggest XFCE edition, since both Ubuntu and Fedora use Gnome, testing on a different desktop environment would mean we can cover larger ground. I use i3wm but it is a tiling window manager, and not a traditional desktop environment. It would be a hassle for you, and it would effect fewer people. So, even though I use i3, I suggest XFCE edition. But of course I would be very happy if you did actually test on the i3 edition :slight_smile:


if relevant to this topics, I should say OM6.15 seems to be very stable with ubuntu and cinnamon wm anymway.
Thank’s !