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OM# 1.1 released!

OM# 1.1 update was released today!

This update includes a lot of bug fixes and UI improvements, as well as new help patches and an updated documentation.

I hope this release includes or addresses most of the issues and suggestions raised here (or in GitHub’s om-sharp-users) since v1.0.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and contributions, and please keep sharing it here (or in new topics/issues).


Hi jean,

welcome to OM#1.1…

I have two problem (which are important for me, I’m still digging)

    1. With Spat 3.5, I can’t open the spat.scene.opat : but I can open the 3 others patches well…


    1. I can’t open OMSuperVP 2.11 :


This seems like a character encoding issue.
See also: https://github.com/cac-t-u-s/om-sharp-users/issues/13

I have pushed an update of the release shortly after my message yesterday. Can you try to re-download it?

I am also wondering what in this patch could have caused this, since I don’t see any special character in this patch. Is this something that you have modified yourself, or is it the “default” help patch ? (can you attach it so I can check?)

Yes! I need to update it. Stay tuned.

I’ve re installed OM# and spat 3.5 and everything is ok,

In my patch, there were a long description of studio 1…

spat-scene.opat.zip (8,7 Ko) works with v.1.0

Ok, OM-SuperVP 2.12 si here:

… and here including binaries, for Forum subscribers:


Ok, I thought you were talking of the help-patch included in the library. :slight_smile:

OM-SuperVP 2.12 works…

This works… I’ve just cancel the long textbuffer

Hello Jean,

OMChaos 1.4 :


Loading library: /Users/lotus/Desktop/OM# Folder/OM#-libs/Chaos 1.4/Chaos.omlib…
; Loading text file /Users/lotus/Desktop/OM# Folder/OM#-libs/Chaos 1.4/sources/package.lisp
Warning: Capturing attempt to throw out of _CAPITreeViewDoubleClick:.

Hello Jérôme. Thanks for reporting. A few libraries require minor updates du to package names. They are already updated in the source repositories, but I just need to update the releases. Sorry about this :slight_smile:

Dear Bresson,

You will release a linux version as well?
All the best,


Yes, I hope a Linux version will follow soon.
Stay tuned !

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