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Notes format o 6.20

Hello guys,

I am with an error here. I skipped some files when installing om 6.20 (the same occurs with the installation of om 7, but with 7 my computer doesn’t open om) and now the images of notes are strange. What can I do to fix it?


here is the image.

Dear Ismael,

The problem you have here is the font installation.

  1. Please do install OM 7. (keep om 6.20)
  2. restart your computer as asked by the installer
  3. follow the steps indicated in this thread:
    Problem with omaudiolib in OM7 - #3 by charleskneimog

now you can use OM 7.
If the fonts are still missing please tell me. It is easy to fix.



Yes it works, but when I try to make a new patch, there’s an error: “failed to rename file C:\Program files (x86)\OpenMusic 7.0\resources\workspaceom7\elements\patch 5.omp”

There’s a patch that came with the program and I can copy it, also I can create the internal patch, in red, but I cannot create a new green patch. About the note format, still missing the fonts…


Of course you cannot create inside the e C:\Program files (x86)\ folder.
Please do create a new workspace where you can read and write, for example on your desktop.


I will try. About the fonts?


Yes what about the fonts? Did they install well?
or still not?

the fonts still nothing. The patch is okay. I think I have to put the archive of the fonts in the folder of the OM7…I see here that the same problems with the fonts is on OM 6.20. The fonts are the same in both folders of OM 6 and 7…

Hi Ismael

For the font issue, it is very simple:
go to the OpenMusic 7.0/resources/font folder.
There you have the four fonts. For each one, double-click on the font and then on the install button:

You might have to restart in order to have the fonts available.


ah okay, it’s working properly! Thanks!