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Notation display in OM on Linux


Is it a known issue that the notation display is a little off in OM6.16 (6.15) on both fedora 32 and Ubuntu 20.04 ?


Hi Takeshi. I’m still on fc31, and don’t have any fc32 (or Ubuntu 20.04) to check with here. Did this behavior start upon upgrading to fc32 (ie. did it work ok for you on fc31)?

Dear Takeshi,

I will install ubuntu 20.04 and test this issue.
Will be back ASAP.


Dear Takeshi,

I tested om6.16 on ubuntu 20.04 LTS and didn’t have your problem

Maybe you have configured something extra regarding fonts ?


Hi Karim and Anders,

Thanks for your helps.
Apparently, as Karim said, this problem only affects my environment.
It was because of the Japanese (2 byte character) environment.
I remember what happened to this 2 byte character problem often in the 90’ s, especially in macOS 9.
Anyway, it was solved by simply changing the system language to English.

Many thanks !