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Not total iMubu XY Pad accessible

hey, I´m experiencing that not all of the iMubu is accessable anytime. does iMubu need any update for this?
Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 14.59.52
Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 18.19.24

also I´m wondering when do the meter indicator on the the iMubu turn red? what does that mean? ( this does not correlate with the “inaccessability” of iMubu)

ah I know the bug, it has to do with the “zoom percetage” in max. if I zoom out, my dragging zone in iMubu gets smaller. so probably the XYDraggingComponent of the iMubu needs to be resized when max zoom status changes… pls fix that :slight_smile:

What mubu version are you using? We can’t reproduce.
Also, what do you mean with “meter indicator”?

i downloaded a zip on the 25th of nov 2021 from the master branch

running max on 8.1.11, catalina 10.15.7

here is what i mean with meter indicator