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Normalisation of irrational numbers

Hello there !
I have a problem with normalizing some strange values coming out sound-points (=>5.9814455E-4).
Could someone have a suggestion?
I ve tried with if, list-filter but nothing seems to work !

Thank a lot in advance !

5.9814455E-4 is the “scientific notation” for 0.00059814455. Nothing wrong here: it’s just that the sample value is very small.

Yes !
Merci ! :wink:
Mais pourquoi j’ai ce message?


Can you be more specific on where the message comes from ?
Share a patch maybe ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for this delay, i was in other prods…
Meanwhile, i found the answer !
the problem didn’t come from sound points as i first thought but from the patch central third where i take the 1/3 of each segment in order to calculate the average amp. I bypassed it and there is absolutely no problem !
Thank you for you help
cu soon !

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