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Non-utf8 characters in OM#

Dear friends,

I am attempting to transport all my workspaces and libraries into the new OM#, after learning the charming 3D functions of the new version.

By starting up, I got an error message #\扬 (I guess it is the first letter of the name of my speaker) is not an utf8 character. The problem was solved after changing my whole system to English.

I wonder if there are a way to use and save the non-utf8 characters in OM# (by changing environment variable for example) ?
At the moment, there are many composers (or their computers) – who are really very fascinated by the beautiful software – using these non utf8 characters at the beginning. The possibility of giving a comment directly in their languages into patch, or not have the error message by starting up the software, would give a big opportunity to enlarge the potential user group.


Hello Jialin,
I totally agree and will log this problem right away.

Hello Jean,
Thank you so much!