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Non MacOS 4K Issues

This is absolutely not a criticism. It’s an offer to help sort out the 4K issues on other-than-MacOs installations.
I’d be happy to share good pictures with the developer(s) to help resolve these issues and to test possible fixes.

Very briefly, without getting into the details, the problems are as follows:

  1. Windows – things look good except for interface font rendering resulting in some fuzziness.
  2. Fedora and Ubuntu installs (1.2) – fonts look good, but are squished into frames that are too small and the result is unreadable.

With very wish to be helpful,


Hi, thanks for the report. Issues with HiDPI have been raised a few times (for example here: HiDPI issues · Issue #3 · cac-t-u-s/om-sharp-users · GitHub); unfortunately I am not really equipped to reproduce and fix that problem. Most of our font rendering is handled directly by LispWorks, so a first step might be to build minimal examples that we could try to single out (and hopefully solve) already there. I can look into it in case you would like you assist in testing.

I’d be pleased to help in any way that would be helpful. Please also see my post re the Fedora and Ubuntu implementations in 4K. It’d be great to fix these as 4K monitors will become ubiquitous and it’s such a shame that these small issues make using the software less than ideal (Windows) and not at all usable (Fedora and Ubuntu). Would it be helpful if I uploaded (or sent you direct) pictures of the Linux problem?


Actually I just checked the other link and that’s typical of the Linux problem: the font rendering is fine but the line height space isn’t sufficient for the height of the font.

Ok, so I’d suggest we continue the conversation over there:

Hi all,

Would someone who has OM# up and running on Windows with a 4K monitor and who has set Preferences for clear fonts and appearance please share it. My “look” is fuzzy and lacks impact. Thanks.


Follow-up. Attached is a picture showing the fuzzy font rendering of the interface.

:point_up: sorry I have tried to merge these two related topics to make some cleanup and expected them to remain sorted by date, but apparently they aren’t :disappointed: