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No Sound in Max 8.1.6

I’ve just updated to MAX version 8.1.6 and now there is no sound from standalone cataRT. All audio settings in MAX are fine (my other patches work) and cataRT works as normal if I open it with MAX previous version 8.1.3. All cataRT settings are the same regardless of which version of MAX I open it in.
Everything else works as normal but without sound even though the green DSP light is on! There is no visible audio signal on cataRT meters either.

Hi Tony, any messages in the Max console?

Well, only the same messages that appear in version that does work. I can open it in MAX v 8.1.6 and 8.1.3 side by side and absolutely everything is identical except there is no sound in the new version 8.1.6. It also doesn’t load the grain preset immediately and i.e Brilliance/Loudness needs to be clicked on to see the grains - the earlier version loads a grain preset as soon as sound file is dragged in.

Hi Diemo,

I can confirm the bugs with the collective



see :

bugs.txt (21,1 Ko)

I 've use Max 8.1.3, and it works… So we can think is related to Max Version

Yes, it all works as normal in 8.1.3

Hi, I run catart.app in Max 8.1.5 fine, so it must be a change in Max 8.1.6 that breaks it. I’ll download it and test ASAP, but before, can you please:

  1. double check that your audio interface is configured right (using audiotester).
  2. try this: after startup (and all the messages spat out), click Init before importing.

@smalllotus, the messages are what’s expected since Max 8, except the pitch 0, which makes me think of the audio-not-configured possibility.

calculate-descriptors: unit 57 start 13794. end 14036. dur 242. frames 11 pitch 0. loud -22.15104 cen 258.0118 flat 0.005369719 for file A_minor.wav


So it seems Cycling finally broke FTM (more precisely: gbr.ola~). I can’t look into this right now, but if you care, you might ask Cycling if they changed anything in that respect (and at the same time show them people still use these historic extensions).

Hi Diemo,

FTM is a good stuff, but it becomes old… But I have exactly the same problem with cataRT Mubu

So I’m not sure it’s a FTM issue, If you want to know more, I can do some tests…

I remember you, that I still have a Max 8.1.3 and both CataRT works…

You’ll see that when you’ll try Max 8.1.6…



PS : 1- the audio interface is ok
2 - Clicking Init don’t change the behavior

OK, I got it. Cycling changed some internal data structures that we’re nosing around in. New version coming soon.

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Hello Jerome,

I’m in the forum again, I hope you are fine.
Question: I downloaded CataRT 1.6.0 everything works fine, I’m making good progress but how can I create an audio file (how can I record) somehow it doesn’t work please for help Alle the best Dietmar

Any messages on the console?
You did select a file to record to before, didn’t you?

The new v1.6.6 has sound again!

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