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New version compatible with OS X

Good news! We worked very hard the last two weeks to fix the issues with the installation.

Finally we decided to get the application signed and notarised. This was a big effort and was only possible thanks to the big help from @guillot, Frédéric Cornu and @roebel.

Thus the install is substantially simplified and now only requires the user to move the application to the desired destination.

We tested compatibility across many different devices including Intel and M1 cpus and got it to run on all of them. If you still encounter issuse running the application please let me know so I can see how we can fix it.

The user interface is still a bit rough around the edges and will be addressed in the next release. Please let me know any suggestions for improvement. Likewise we are working on improving our models and we will provide updates in the future.


Awesome !

The new installer allows me to use CIRCE on Mac OS 12.6 ARM and on 10.14.6 Intel. It’s amazing what this application can do. The interface is still experimental but the engine promises amazing applications in the near future.

Thanks @bous @roebel and @guillot