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New Release - MuBu v1.10.6


  • many documentation improvements and bug fixes (many thanks to Arthur Sauer)


  • display mubu name in editor window title
  • mubu audio from polybuffer~ now works even without imubu (found by Roald Baudoux)


  • new “activecolumn” display parameter to display deactivated frames greyed out
  • new shape “steps” for wave interface for sampled data (works like multislider)
  • new “select” tool (not changing values)
  • add “writepict” alias of “saveimage” method (consistent with max lcd)
  • add gui config for standalone editor window
  • added close method to close standalone editor
  • allow correct display with multiple views and different zoom settings

mubu.concat~, mubu.granular~:

  • limit maxresampling to 10 octaves to avoid out of memory errors
  • add voicedlevel parameter for pitch synchronous mode of mubu.granular~


  • new pipo.rms module

Thanks @schwarz, @borghesi and @bevilacq