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New release: Modalys 3.8.2

Dear Modalys users,

Modalys 3.8.2 (rc2) has been officially published here.
Notably, this version fixes all known recent compatibility issues.

Cumulative build notes for Modalys 3.8.2:

  • General compatibility:
    Modalys has been updated for the latest version of MacOS, Max, Live etc.
  • lua
    • set_value: performance boost.
    • improvement in get_pitched_finite_element_object()
    • added: function get_inlet_ref to get the reference of a connected inlet (typically a dynamic controller).
    • added: functions set_amplitude_controller, set_frequency_controller and set_loss_controller
    • fixed: melt-hybrid.
    • added: ‘labium’ connection.
    • added: ‘valve’ connection.
    • added: ‘delay’ controller.
    • added: ‘last-sample’ controller.
    • (re)added: ‘sum’ controller.
  • Modalys for Max
    • added: mlys.dimension controller, to track a value from a multidimensional controller (param: ‘index’).
    • mlys.point-input: gain is now a dynamic controller.
    • important fix in Max messaging.
    • fixed: important issue in poly or multichannel context.
    • fixed: several instrument examples.
    • mlys.expression no longer crashes upon double-click; a message has been added urging to move to mlys.lua.
    • Max extras : The Plate Filter example was no longer visible.
  • Modalys for OpenMusic
    • fixed: examples 4, 8 and “voice in xylo” (thank you Mr Stubbe!)
    • fixed: noise controller parameters naming.
  • Documentation:
    • update & addition

Best regards,
Robert P @ircam