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New Release: IrcamDescriptor Vamp Plugin for Partiels

The IrcamDescriptor Vamp Plugin for Partiels has been released!


  • Perceptual - Loudness
  • Perceptual - Sharpness
  • Spectral - Centroid
  • Spectral - Decrease
  • Spectral - Rolloff
  • Spectral - Spread

Hello Pierre,

I successfully installed this last Vamp plugin but I noticed that I didn’t have the time code in Partiels : see the video…



Hello Jerome,

Thank you for the report. The bug appears with the plugins’ quarantine warnings. The fix is ready and will be integrated into the next release :slightly_smiling_face: In the meantime, you just have to restart the application, and (if there is no more plugin in quarantine) it should be ok.

Yes, now it’s ok

Many Thanks,




I am trying to use the Descriptors outside of Partiels, where I also am using vamp plugins. But it says the Ircam Vamp plugins are not recognised. Is this a problem on my end? Or are they not mean for use outside of Partiels?

I am trying to use them in Sonic Visualiser and Sonic Annotator


Hello Seán,

The plugins are not intended to be used outside of Partiels (as suggested on the project page and a little more explicitly in the manual: The Ircam Descriptor is only compatible with the Partiels application!). In fact, there is no technical reason for this. I think it is a commercial restriction due to Ircam’s contracts with other companies. I’ll ask if this restriction is still necessary and I’ll try to defend that we might open the plugins to Queen Mary University’s applications :crossed_fingers:.

Hey Pierre,

Thanks for the reply! And for asking re. the restriction. I actually went and implemented what I needed on the command line with Partiels directly and it is perfect for what I am doing (batch exports of descriptor results). One question, when I export .csv, there is a second column of 0’s. This is the same for mono or stereo files, just wondering what are they there for? And if I can set an option in the export to remove them? And just wondering, is it possible to call exports from the command line without referencing a template. generating a temporary template with the relevant tracks and descriptors for example?

Thanks for the help.,

I’m glad you found an alternative using Partiels!

This is for the duration (if you enable the header row option, the first line contains the label of each column: time/duration/value for example). Indeed, this is not always relevant, it depends on the analysis, and sometimes people prefer to use the end time instead. It might be possible to offer more dynamic management of the output format but it is not so straightforward because the import mechanism will also support it. Anyway, I add this request to the feature request list.

No (at least not for the moment), I thought that it might be difficult to define the plugin, the analysis, and the parameters for users not familiar with the command-line interfaces, and using a template would simplify that. FYI, a Partiels document/template is an XML file so it should not be too difficult to generate or modify the file on the fly using a scripting language such as python (some researchers do that at Ircam). Anyway, I also add this request to the feature request list.