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New Release: ASAP V1.0.0

Continuing the discussion from ASAP v1.0.0 - New Release:

Thanks @guillot !!!

How do I purchase a license / Forum Premium bundle? The link in the repo is broken and there is no avenue to buy. These plugins are amazing!


you will find all the necessary information on this page:

Can you please tell us the link to the page that is not working, so that we can fix it?

Welcome to the premium membership!

The link has been fixed on the project page, thank you @visusys for the report and your comment.

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Just came back to IRCAM forums after some years and find out about the new releases.
However attractive the free ones could be, its more complex companions with the “Premium” name attached, are behind a subscription scheme.

Not sure who could have devised such pricing strategy particularly for these academic, research and open source focused sites… For me it is a disappointment that places said tools beyond my reach and out of my wishlist forever.

There are important reasons for this, which several people have written about extensively and typically marketing people, unrelated to musicianship of any kind, fail to acknowledge once and again.
However at almost 2023 several important Audio companies have started reversing/modifying their subscription plans, including the complete deletion of theirs by Plugin-Alliance. The first year AVID has offered an official update chance for those owners still keeping perpetual licenses to name a couple of big ones.

The underlying reasons are very strong. I copy the link of a comment where I posted about them in some level of detail. Hope IRCAM and related people here gets those important ideas the sooner… or If I am mistaken, please let me know how.

I paste here a link of a post about why SaaS, subscription, etc prices is bad fit for musicians:

Thanks so much for the links. With all due respect, I wasn’t expecting it to be that expensive (200€). I’m disabled and live on a small fixed budget so that’s kind of out of my price range for the moment. Is there any way you would consider just selling licenses to the ASAP spectral plugins instead of the more expansive forum membership? I’m mainly interested in the Spectral Clipping plugin. Sorry for coming across as a “choosing beggar”, I understand your position either way.


@beller would that be a relevant idea to have an Ircam forum shop/store that’d sell Ircam product releases ?
thoughts ?

The forum will soon be 30 years old (I heard that something is being prepared for 2023…). For 30 years, the founding idea of the forum, “to allow access to the latest technologies coming out of Ircam’s laboratories and to bring application developers closer to the users”, has been embodied in various subscriptions giving access to various resources (access to events, floppy disks and CDs containing software, discounts on partner products, access to exclusive media content…). The Forum subscription was a precursor in terms of loyalty, especially because it allows much more than buying a particular product.

There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that the subscription offers members exclusive access to experimental technologies, some of which are ahead of the market and the commercialization of a product (a longer, more complex and more expensive process for everyone). Thus, premium members can create and experiment with technologies in “prime time”, before they reach the market as partner products (many of our technologies are distributed by partners, like Flux:: or Ircam Amplify). Of course, the subscription also allows exclusive access to successful software such as Panoramix, SkataRT or ASAP, competing with the offer on the market. But it also allows access to the Full SOL bank for Orchidea (I heard that a release was being prepared…). Finally, it also allows to regulate the use of our technologies in context. The institutional subscription, for example, gives you not only access to the technologies but also the license needed to use them in an educational training, for example.

From 2012 to 2016, we went through a “shop” stage of a la carte products. This activity was stopped when we decided to distribute our Max packages (MuBu, Spat, …) for free instead of selling them individually. For the small pockets, I invite you (@visusys) to contact our sales department who will be happy to help you by offering you a student subscription, for example. With a 50% discount, the premium subscription costs 100€, which would be the launch price of the ASAP plugin suite if it was sold separately. The advantage is of course to join the premium family with its large offer.

Don’t forget that the subscription gives you access to the download of all our technologies, but that after this year, the technologies installed on your machines continue to work… It is thus a subscription a little different than other commercial subscriptions where the use of software is limited in time. We know that this pioneering and unique subscription is interesting because it allows us to establish a privileged contact with our subscribers for 30 years, a situation of exchange of a quality that defies the market law. A link that allows us to consider building the future together, isn’t it @fraction ? :wink:


The Spectral Remix and the Spectral Clipping plug-ins are available for free - @visusys you can use them without limitation with the free forum access, just download and install ASAP.