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New Dicy2 presentation I found

This was posted earlier today and may be of interest:

Thank you !
(cc @muller @beller) !
We should create a thread to share users experiments / performances using Dicy2 !

In the meantime, resources and videos on past projects at Ircam (Pascal Dusapin, Steve Lehman, ONJ, Rémi Fox, Alexandros Markeas…) can be found here : Human-computer music performances using Dicy2 generative musical agents - YouTube

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Great playlist! I hadn’t found that one yet. Unfortunately I’m not a Mac user so DICY2 is out of reach for me for now, but I quite like the paradigm it uses for creating music.

Thanks for the link - much appreciated

Thank you very much to cite my video, I did not see that :slight_smile: