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New CataRT App version 1.4.1!

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I’ve been told that you can concatenate live performance on the fly in cataRT. Can this be done with 1.4.1?



Hi Robert, check out the mubu-based version of cataRT for live recording.

Hi Diemo,
I remember our breakfast together and my presentation to you and others at IRCAM in October 2015 - I just don’t remember it being that long ago! You mentioned Mubu then, its roots in linguistic research, and its possibilities in multimedia language production. I have not forgotten :slight_smile: I’m completing my second of three theses on vorTEX my multimedia language. Linguistic studies have really informed my work. One thing I’m working on now is a typeface which breathes. I begin the PhD in music next month and I look forward to using cataRT with Mubu! Hope you are now getting more of your fair share of art-based research. Thanks for thinking of me. And all best wishes from Cathe and I in Toronto!