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MyOrch Orchestra problem

Hi I have a problem with the MyOrch patch. If I leave the orchestra as notated in the patch with all the instruments there are no problem. Instead when I write and send my own orchestra I receive the message:
orchidea.solve: error: orchidea: orchestration error (empty orchestra; please check filters)
what’s happen?


Your orchestra doesn’t work… I don’t know why, you seem to do it well.

Can you send me a screenshot of your orchestra ?


and the console say orchidea.solve: orchestra has been set correctly

You have to have this : image
In your Max console.

I tried to do like you (writing by my own the instruments and pressing send) and it works, everything seems ok

Did you set your database first ? Maybe, you can try to reinstall the patch…

ok just reinstalled the patch and now it works!! :thinking: