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My openmusic have no sound

I download the Openmusic 6.16 in my computer (win7)
But it have no sound when i creat a chord in a patch.
Then i download the R-up-player-13,but it seems just can work in MAC.
How can it make a sound in win?

Dear jj-yu,

First of all, R-up-plauyer is for MAC only.
So here is how to make things happen in midi on windows 7:

  1. First open OM preferences midi. You will see at first this panel:
  2. At first you will see that the button “Port setup” doesn’t show, So click at first on Apply button. Then this Ports setup will show.
    3)Click on it
  3. This panel will appear:
  4. Just choose the device you need to play your midi. (here I use Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth which is the default.)
  5. Click apply and you are ready to go.

For further info on midi on OM see here:

take care