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Multiple Catart-Mubu-Simple simultaneously?

Hi Diemo and everyone,
Is it possible to run two instances of the Catart-Mubu-Simple on one computer, each loaded with different sound banks, and be able to control them independently? We started creating a new copy of Mubu and renaming all the subpatchers/abstractions/sends/etc but it’s hard to ferret out all the errors this creates and so I thought maybe to send a note in case there is an easier way.
Thanks for any advice or tips!
Best wishes,

Hi Matt,

catart-mubu definitely can be modular in this way. You need to use two mubus with different names e.g. corpus1, corpus2. All the camu.xxx abstractions take the mubu name as first argument (watch out for the bpatchers!).
Additionally, there’s the refer <mubu name> message to all mubu. externals and most camu. abstractions with which you can switch the mubu used.

Best, Diemo