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Mubu stutter device duration delay workaround?

I’m working on a mubu stutter device and the duration of the sample length that’s being captured obviously effects the speed with which the sound of the stutter initiates, i.e. if the duration of the sample i’m capturing is 200ms i’m assuming it takes 200ms for the playback to start. I’m wondering if there’s a possible work around, i,e. having a higher duration but having the playback start ideally within 70ms that the stutter is initiated.

mubustutter.amxd (1.9 MB)

am still looking for a workaround here haven’t been able to figure one out:

mstutter.amxd (81.1 KB)

Hi seraphim, this question should go into the mubu category.
As far as I understand from the patch, you want to loop a grain with a duration equal to the length of the recorded bit. Because mubu granular renders the complete grain on trigger, it has to be recorded fully.
Just for the first repetition you can try mubu.play, which works in streaming mode, or mubu.concat with

position starttime, position endtime duration 

and with a smaller period and duration.