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Mubu.record: can't extend the record time to some minutes

hope everybody is safe and sound!
I’d like to use mubu.record in Max8.1.8 in realtime for segmentation for playing around afterwards with the sound segments. I can’t extend the record time up to some minutes!
mubu.record.maxhelp represents my problem exactly. This patch works perfectly for the default time: maxsize 10s. To record for a longer time, I’ve set the argument “maxsize 300s” (300 seconds) in both mubu.track patches:
audio is recorded well for 300s
loudness only for about 50s
onset markers only for about 25s

I’d appreciate a lot your help or hints, how I can proceed successfully! Thank you very much,

Hi Bruno, you need to give the @samplerate or @sampleperiod attr to tell mubu the expected frame rate, or give @maxsize in frames.
The length hint in seconds needs to be converted internally to number of frames, otherwise mubu can’t know how much memory to allocate. It does this via the samplerate or period, the default of which is 1000Hz.

Thank you, Diemo, I’ll try it! B