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Mubu.process or imubu/mubu issue with segmentation


I want to segment files within a polybuffer~. Be it with MFCC or FFT sum, it seems mubu.process can’t cope with the whole duration of some sounds. The issue is quite obvious on Max sound example “brushes”. On some occasions, the FFT sum is not computed on the end of the buffer (see below). However, even when it is, the transients are detected only in the first part of the buffer. Changing the onseg.threshold doesn’t seem to change the results much.

What can I do to solve this?

Here are a few screen captions, the first two related to FFT-sum, and the last one to MFCC:

The issue was caused by running the segmentation with an Uzi object. I have replaced it with a counter and a delay line (10ms) and now it runs flawlessly!

could you upload a patch with an example? because I’m having a similar issue and don’t know exactly how I could fix it.
best wishes!