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Mubu Mouse2audio no audio

Using the gesture follower from the mouse, I only get audio from the first buffer and not the second two, i am using max 8.5.1 and mubu 1.10.10 - if anyone has had this issue do they have a fix?

when i ‘learn’ the gestures, i get audio, but not on playback

I had a similar issue with Mubu Mouse2audio in Max 8.5.1. Check if your buffer settings are correctly configured and ensure that all buffers are properly loaded and addressed in your patch. Sometimes reinitializing the Mubu object or reloading the buffers can resolve this. By the way you can also find a lot of interesting threads about music production on https://faqaudio.com/ forum. For example their video about Roland FP-30X digital piano was really useful for me.

thanks for the bug report.
We are trying to solve the problem. We’ll let you know soon.