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Mubu - Max crashes


I experience several crashes for reasons I can’t explain after loading data files. I also got kNN stuck (even the help patcher crashes) after loading some data into the buffer, while I have no clue of what is wrong at all. Just so you know, I figured out that the crashes depend on the data file structure (not crashing with json for instance) and the number of files that are loaded: Really strange.

However, there is no way for me to debug those crashes, and I am not familiar with the windows 10 crash files. Would it help if I post a few crash .dmp files here, or should i only ask cycling 74 support?

Hi aparment, this is very valuable. If you have data files that reliably provoke a crash after a fixed sequence of messages, please attach them here.


I am afraid I cannot yet provide a minimal crash example.

However, feel free to experience the crash yourself:

  1. clone this repo https://github.com/arthur-parmentier/soundpainting-signs-gestures-recognition
  2. load the 30062020_kNN_bug patcher
  3. In the 2.2. box, hit the intall button once, then drag and drop the following data files inside the box under the install button all22020-06-30_21-37-5_13f16b70-bb09-11ea-bbdf-532d4e65c03a.mubu (111.6 KB) off2020-06-30_21-36-23_fb2b68c0-bb08-11ea-bbdf-532d4e65c03a.mubu (8.2 KB)
  4. hit the “train model” button
  5. Max crashes

Workaround: when both files are in the buffers, save them once again to a signle file, then load it. This time, hitting the training model button works perfectly.

Effect of each button (buffer_management_script.js):
“install” -> script npm install
Drag and drop zone -> readappend path
Train model -> train() function in the code, sends a bunch of commands to iMubu to get the buffer/labels/track names and asks mubu.play to playback the data at high speed rates

There is definitively something with the loading of the file,it is very strange that it crashes only when the buffer comes from two separate file, while it does not when it has the same info… but from a single data file

Sorry, after more testing, i could not find a clear pattern in the crashes. I am thinking of making a video to you, showing you in which case I observe crashes and in which case not. Would that be valuable as well? Otherwise, it would i think take me long to find a minimal crashing patcher

Ok I just found out that it is the play command to mubu.play that triggers the crash. I will try to see why.

I have found the problem:

I am using a node js script, which runs in an other thread that Max, asynchronously to trigger the play command to mubu.play. Once the node js script received the end message from mubu.play, it would trigger a play.

I used to place a defer object between the node.js script and mubu.play. However for some reason that i don’t perfectly understand, it is a deferlow that is needed. Now its not crashing anymore. Perhaps you could think of why it was crashing anyway without the deferlow object?

Deferlow was not the solution. I am reverting to defer, but adding some waiting time in the node.js script by security. Not sure what is wrong.