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Mubu.knn scaling and cpu load

Hi there! I am doing some live audio mosacing. Currently, I’ve noticed a huge load on cpu usage when the scaling is on. Cpu load is around 6% when scaling is off and jumps to ~26-70 when set to min-max scaling (@scaling 1) and ~70-100 when set to medstddev (@scaling 2). I cannot figure out why. I wonder if this is ok (though it seems a bit strange) and if there’s some way to fix this or to get scaling done in some other way.

P.D: for scaling and normalization, i am using the same subpatches provided in the mosaicing examples with mubu

Any help will be much appreciated!

Hi Augustin, the scaling itself shouldn’t make a difference, however, if you’re using the “fence” mode @allowrepetition 0, it can be that with certain scalings simply many more different grains are selected and synthesised, needing more CPU.