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Mubu.granular~ different questions

dear all,
as I’m getting started with mubu wanted to say thx to the authors - it seem to be really great tool!
my questions are about the granular synthesis object:
what is the best setting to play a sample with mubu.granular as close as possible to the original sample?
I would like to morph from the original sample to a more distorted state.
can somebody point to learning materiel for mubu in general and mubu.granular in particular? the help files are great, but is there more basic stuff like papers oder tutorials where I can learn from how the numerous parameters work together?

in the Mubu-overview patch from the extras menu, there is a tab with tutorials and one with examples. Suggestions which additional topics to cover are welcome.

For transparent granular playback, the position message with 2nd argument transition time is useful:
attack f
release f
period m
duration m + f
position 0
position t t
with f the fade in/out, m a grain size, t the length of the sample.

Thx for the quick reply. Interesting, I wasn’t aware of that second argument to position at all. I played around with it and got good a feeling for how it affects the sound. but could you tell me a little more about what it technically does? is there a good default value for it? what does it mean if its set to 0?

Would it be asked to much to post a basic example of transparent granular playback?
Im using a phasor~ set to the original length of the sample which gets scaled into postion in ms. Is this a good way to do it?

It is in the help file:

position <float: time in ms> [ <float: transition in ms> ]
go to grain position in given time [0]

That works, too. You can plug the position audio signal directly into mubu.granular~ for aligned playing.