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Mubu.dtw crashes


I am new to using MuBu. I want to compute the DTW for two buffers. Both buffers are inside a polybuffer~ named ‘dtwBuf’. I create a MuBu with the polybuffer as it’s container. I then create a mubu.dtw object like this: ‘mubu.dtw dtwBuf @trackid [audio]’. When i give it the message ‘compute 1 2’ Max crashes.

Am i doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Hi Roel,
mubu.dtw does not work on buffer~ audio, but it shouldn’t crash. Thanks for finding that bug.
However, aligning general musical audio signals doesn’t make sense. What’s more, DTW needs quadratic space, i.e. aligning two 1s audio clips takes 16GB of memory.
You need to align some description of the audio, e.g. loudness curves, pitch curves, calculated by mubu.process as shown in the help.

BTW, here’s a nicer help which uses mubu audio:
mubu.dtw.maxhelp (45.9 KB)