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Mubu crashes on some systems

I’ve made a max standalone including Mubu. I tested it on different windows systems and I found that on most of them Mubu 1.9.9 is working and on the others, 1.9.14 is working.
I’m trying now on a friend win 10 system and both versions it does not recognize Mubu objects.
I think that the problem is with pthreadvc2.dll.
Help, please.

to create a standalone mubu on windows you have to pay attention to two things:

  1. if the mubu object is not explicitly in the patch (for example if there is only imubu and not mubu) it must be added manually
  2. you have to manually add the dll pthreadVC2.dll that you can find in the mubu package in the support folder (pthreadVC2.dll is 64 bits while pthreadVC2_32.dll is obviously 32 bits)

I just created a Mubu standalone with Max 8.1.5 on windows 10 with the last mubu release and everything seems to work.