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MuBu container cannot read some wav files


I am getting inconsistent read errors with reading .wav audio files into a container. Here are two files:


1.wav file gives the following error:
MuBu: cannot read data from file ‘…/1.wav’

In contrast, 2.wav file loads successfully. Both files are same type, same bit-rate and samplerate. Do you have any idea why one of them fails?

Thank you,

PS: OS: Windows 10, Max version: 8.1.3., MuBu version 1.9.13

Hi, both load fine on OSX, but there is now Mubu 1.9.14 for Windows, so please try with that release.

Hello, thanks for the swift reply. I am still having issues loading some .wav files, and I can confirm that some of my colleagues are also having the same issue. We have tested on three Windows devices so far.

I tested MuBu version 1.9.14 on Max 8.1.5 on Windows 10. 1.wav loads on this version, but 2.wav still gives the error:
MuBu: cannot read data from file ‘C:/Users/root488/Desktop/MuBu-question/2.wav’

I get this error with other .wav files sometimes. Surprisingly, I can only solve this issue by importing and exporting the .wav files on Ableton Live. Import/Export with Audacity, or a python script didn’t solve the issue.

Do you have any ideas? I am working with a set of audio files; hence, sometimes it is too tedious to import/export sounds on a DAW to fix this issue.

Thank you so much for looking into this,

we have finally fixed the bug. Mubu for some reason wanted to load the wav file as an sdif file. The bug fix will be available in the next release.