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Mubu.concat~ attributes references?

Hi there, I’m interested to know more about mubu.concat~ attributes.

There are not completely described in the documentation (and believe me, I know how it is hard to support/maintain docs etc so I understand that well.

Some attributes got absolute/relative control.
But what relative means for:

  • period ? relative to what ?
  • duration var ?
  • attack and release ?

Also, what controls

  • offset ?
  • position var ?
  • level (which “units”) ?
  • resampling ?
  • output gains ?

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

You said it, that’s all explained in the help patch :wink: Also, video #3 and its patches from MuBu Tutorials - Material | Ircam Forum explain this very well. From the help:

for all granular parameters which have an absoulte and relative part, it holds that:

value = absolute + relative * base

but the “base” value is different for each parameter. This permits to link parameters like period and duration to achieve gap-less playback, or envelope and duration.

Here is the table of interdependencies:

period = abs + rel * effective duration of a grain (including duration random var)

periodvar = abs + rel * period

duration = abs + rel * segment duration

durationvar = abs + rel * duration

attack = abs + rel * effective duration

release = abs + rel * effective duration