MuBu and MAX8 stable?


Should MuBu work in MAX8? I found what is possibly a bug at least on my machine (macbook pro 2019 8-core 10.14.6). MuBu version 1.9.10.
When fiddling around in the imubu help patch I noticed that not all tracks were loaded in the interface (the first refer message). Clicking the message a second time will mostly remedy this. Opening the referred mubu object itself shows the same result or a crash.

I tried to find a crash log but where to look in MAX8?

Best, Hans.

Hi Hans, thanks, we see that too, but no crash here in Max 8.0.8 (switching between 1 and 2 makes the audio track appear again).
Crashlogs are always found in Log List “User Diagnostic Reports”.

Hi Hans, thanks for the bug report. Now is fixed. If the bug bothers your job, I can send you a pre-release.


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Thanks, that was quick. I wanted to show some students MuBu so I stumbled upon it. I don’t use imubu momentarily myself, but that can always and quickly change :wink:

The crash is when I double click on the mubu object. It seems to happen always when you double click for the second time on the same mubu object. Also when you double click another mubu object in between.

Hi Riccardo, is that a fix for generally updating the iMubu object? I also see problems at other places where you have to push view messages two times in order for them to get through. I might like the pre-release especially if that also remedies the ‘double click on mubu’ (to see the floating editor) crash.

Best, Hans.

Hi Hans,
here a mubu beta release, fixing the mubu double-click crash and the bug you reported.

Thanks for your report.

Thanks, for the quick follow up!!!

So good to see it work as it is supposed to do.