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Mubu 1.9.12 - pipo.ircamdescriptor missing error


I get the following error:
Error 126 loading external pipo.ircamdescriptor
pipo~: cannot find external module pipo.ircamdescriptor

on MUBU 1.9.12 on Windows 10, Max 8.1.2 64 bit.

I checked, and pipo.ircamdescriptor.mxe is in the package folder. Somehow, Max is missing the external. Any ideas?

Thank you,

Hi, I have the same problem… pipo.ircamdescritors seems to be broken.
I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.
Sorry for the disagreement.

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I’ve just uploaded the mubu release 1.9.13, which should fix the problem you reported.
Best Regards

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I can confirm that this version works for me. However, this version is still not available on Max Package Manager. I could download it from ircam forum website.

Thanks for the super quick fix!

The MuBu version is still at 1.9.12 on the Max package manager. Would it be possible to update that to at least 1.9.13, so that the pipo.ircamdescriptors would work?

The most current mubu release is always at https://forum.ircam.fr/projects/detail/mubu/