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Mouse to audio in GF

Hello, I’m trying to use the mouse to áudio in MuBu without sucess. I’m make all the steps(record the audio and gesture correct), but when i click “follow” and redraw the gesture i’m get no sound.In max window it’s seen to be all correct( no erros). I’am using Windows 10. Anyone can help me?

Yeah i’m having the same problem, can’t figure out why. I have tried it in both max 7 and 8 and with both the imported sound option and the recorded to no avail…

it seems to work on OSX, We’ll check on Windows.
@felipelinsferre Are you also on Windows ?
Thanks for the report

Hi, we made some tests here, it works on Windows and OSX, do you have the latest MuBu version? and which OS do you use ?
best Fred