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More Phonemes in OM-Chant?

Hello all!

I am currently in an exciting trip of rediscovering the Chant Library.
There is a class “phoneme” which can create a phoneme sound by the transition between two vowels.
In the tutorial patches, the parameter of the phoneme “B” and “M” was included, it works very well.
I am really curious, if somebody already did the experiments with the other phonemes? (t / h / f / s …)

In addition, about the algorithms, I have seen that the keyword argument :freq :amp and :bw accept a bpf with the values between 0 and 1. Does it mean that: the x value (0 - 1) is related to the duration of the transition, and the y value (0 - 1) is related to the interpolation of the parameter between the first event and the second event?

The third question is:
Some of the phonemes contain a lot of formantic noise, like “H” “T” “F”. For the noise, we may need to use another patch in chant, I guess it is the fof + [noise => filter]. I would like to know, if anybody already do the similar things and if it works well with the phoneme class?

Thank you for any thinking, example, suggestion and help!
Best regards,
Jialin Liu

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Hello julian,
Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no algorithme for the modelling of the phonemes.
You have to create them intuitively.
Chant Library is already rich enough to make amazing sounds which look like human voice
but with extra humain capacities. By trying to make new phonemes you will be able to
make new phonemes which don’t exist in any language, which is fantastic.

Hello Alireza,

I am trying to begin to create more phonemes with Chant.
The work is not really easy, because the very small change of parameter can cause a huge difference in phonemes.
Thank you for inspiring answer!

All the best,