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More CataRT examples

Hello folks

I’m interested into CataRT, it seems like a very interesting experimental-granular tool but I’m not rich and before spending 60,00 € on it, I’d like to hear (or see) more examples. I did a research on the web but only found a couple of videos not showing much and almost no audio examples… Definitely an obscure tool not mentioned nor talked very often… Do you guys have more audio examples of what it can do? Anything to share? It would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time!

Hi Gino,

did you find http://imtr.ircam.fr/imtr/CataRT_Instrument with many demo videos and some pieces?

There’s also http://imtr.ircam.fr/imtr/CataRT_Music with references and this myspace thing I barely remember what it was good for…

If you have Max, you can run the patch version at http://imtr.ircam.fr/imtr/CataRT for free.