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Modalys/OM problems with examples

Greetings !

I’m testing the tutorial examples for Modalys 3.6.0 with OpenMusic 7 on a Mac Mini M1. In the classical examples folder the first six examples work fine, but examples 7 and 9 fail with this error:

Could not make controller foreign-call

Example 8 fails with this error:

**Error while evaluating the box SYNTHESIZE : *** ERROR: all samples are zero, cannot normalize sound**

***** ERROR: empty sound**

Some of Mauro Lanza’s examples also fail. Ex-01 produces the error:

*** ERROR: invalid argument type for function
*** ERROR: expecting a valid matrix
*** ERROR: Could not make controller envelope

Evaluating ex-02 fails with:

*** ERROR: bad ModalObject data in file

Ex-04 produces an audio file but it’s empty except for a brief burst of sound. Is that what’s supposed to happen ?

Ex-08 throws the same error as example 8 in the classical examples:

**** ERROR: empty sound

Please advise if there are solutions to any of these issues. I’m just starting to learn how to use Modalys, I may be missing something obvious.

Best regards,

Dave Phillips