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Modalys for Max - help files - links to online documentation, summary of bad/missing files

To learn Modalys for Max, I started going through the help files in the distribution. I created a spreadsheet listing the help files and linking to the relevant website documentation, as well as including notes about some erroneous files. The spreadsheet is here.

As this shows, the x64 distribution includes a lot of erroneous help files (the i386 distribution just omits them entirely). I am providing this spreadsheet for two reasons: (1) The links to the Modalys online documentation corresponding to each help file might be useful to people trying to figure out the objects. And (2) this list shows what help files need to be created and updated, so it may be useful to developers. I’m not knowledgeable enough to write help files myself.

I hope this is useful.

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Hi Brian,

Yes this is very helpful, and I thank you so much for this.
Ircam is neither Google nor IBM in term of development taskforce, so any user input is precious!

For the soon-to-be-released 3.6 version, I will at least indicate that this or that help file is still under construction (with relevant link to the ‘lisp’ documentation), and I will make sure that no more ‘goofy’ content can be found…

NB: only 64bit objects will be included in 3.6.

Thank you again,

You are very welcome. I completely understand. I wish I could do more! I look forward to the next release. Modalys is a really neat piece of software, and I hope to explore it more fully.

Je vous souhaite bon courage, et je vous remercie pour tous ce que vous faites!


You may take a look at 3.6.0 “rc1” :wink:
If everything goes well, I will announce and officially release this version soon.

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