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Modalys examples

Hi there,
I’m very interested in diving into Modalys to learn more about it as a composition tool. Before I do that I was wondering if anyone could direct me towards complete pieces that were made using Modalys or composers who are known to work with it. I would like to hear it in action in the context of actual works as opposed to just isolated examples.
Many thanks,

On the top of my head, I could think of two very different examples:

Marco Stroppa’s “Come Play with Me” concerto for electronics and orchestra uses Modalys for most of the electroacoustic sounds. There’s a seminar he gave with Carlo Laurenzi that they comment on the piece and its creation that you can find in Ircam’s brahms database.

And Hans Tutschku’s “Eikasia”, an electroacoustic piece that you can find on his website. I remember reading in an interview that he made this when he was first experimenting with Modalys and all the sounds were made with it.


Many thanks for that. Very helpful.

I found the seminar by Stroppa and Laurenzi as well. Many thanks for the tip!