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Modalys 3.8.0 release candidate 1

Hi again!

The latest release Modalys 3.8.0 rc1 is available from the beta page.
“rc1” means that we will release this new version very soon, if all is well!

This is a Mac & Windows build with notably:

  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Lua API is now complete encompassing (at least) the historical Lisp API, with new examples and documentation update.
  • New exciting 3D object construction posibilities, thanks to the new ParametricSurface3D Lua class. You should check those examples - very curious indeed! :
    • lua_3d_parametric_curious_spiral
    • lua_3d_parametric_curious_strip
    • lua_3d_parametric_curious_torus
    • lua_3d_parametric_moebius_strip
    • lua_3d_parametric_klein_bottle
    • lua_3d_parametric_klein_bottle_in_8

The updated beta documentation can be viewed here.

Happy testing!
Robert P

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This is amazing Robert!