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Modalys 3.8.0 is here!

Hi Modalys lovers!

After months of development, the latest release of Modalys 3.8.0, our physical modeling sound synthesis environment, is finally available.

The main features of this Mac & Windows release are:

  • Lua API (to be used within Max) is now complete encompassing (at least) the historical Lisp API, with new examples, documentation update, optional external text editor etc.
  • New exciting 3D object construction posibilities, thanks to the new ParametricSurface3D Lua class. You should check those examples - very curious indeed! :
    • lua_3d_parametric_curious_spiral
    • lua_3d_parametric_curious_strip
    • lua_3d_parametric_curious_torus
    • lua_3d_parametric_moebius_strip
    • lua_3d_parametric_klein_bottle
    • lua_3d_parametric_klein_bottle_in_8
  • Performance and stability improvements.

…and much more!

The updated documentation can be viewed here.

Have fun in virtual lutherie!
Robert P @Ircam