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Modalys 3.7.0 beta5 with native Apple "Silicon" support


Modalys 3.7.0 beta5 is available from the beta page.

This is a Mac & Windows build with notably:

  • native support for ARM M1 machines (“Silicon”)
  • automatic Max package installation (mac, windows to come…)
  • bug fixes, improved performances and new features (especially in lua/3D area).
  • extended (and extending) support for LUA

Happy testing!


NB: in this build, ModaLisp will run on ARM machines only. This will be fixed soon!

Edit: b5 can now be downloaded. Windows is back, and ModaLisp works for both intel64 and arm 64 machines.

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NB: if the installation fails under macOS >= 10.14, you can always run this in Terminal:
sudo mkdir -pv /usr/local/bin/modalys
This will be fixed in the next build.

Natively(arm) the beta still seems to crash on max sometimes immediately on the loading of the model. I have attached the max crash report and hope it helps. I’m on a MacBook Pro M1 Pro. When I run Max on Rosetta it doesn’t crash…
MlysCrashMax.rtf (94.3 KB)