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Modalisp not saving files

Hello Modalys Hivemind!

I am fairly new to Modalys- so hopefully the answer here is not too obvious…
I recently downloaded Modalisp 3.8.1 after having an older version of modalisp.
Since downloading this version, it has not been possible to save any files (modalys file, text or sound) from modalisp. I will try to save the file (to desktop or any folder) and it will not appear. When I try to close the file, there is a window asking if I want to save the file but again, it doesn’t save. I don’t see any error in the listener. No problems with OM-Modalys or Modalys library for max. I installed Modalys to the default location.
I am running OS X 10.14.6 Mojave.

Thanks for your help and for maintaining this wonderful software.


Hi Brandon,
Thanks for your report, and sorry for this inconvenience. We’ll take a close look!