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ModaLisp Graph Error OS 10.14.6


I’m trying to run a simple script following a tutorial which involves plotting a graph. When the buffer is in full-screen mode, ModaLisp stops responding and I have to force quit (the graph window opens but it’s empty, there’s only a reset button, which I can’t press due to the spinning rainbow of doom). When the buffer is NOT in full-screen mode the sound plays fine but the graph never shows, I can only see an empty window when I rick click on the app in Dock and select Show All Windows.

I’m running Mojave 10.14.6, is it caused by the version of the OS, anyone knows a solution?


I had the same plot issues and i suppose it is concerning the MacOs version that we are running (Mojave as you) 3 months ago while i was creating my degree thesis on modal synthesis (and I gave up because it was a wasting of time).
I have alse an old iMac with El Capitan installed onto it so I’ll give it a try to see if everything works fine on that version of OS.

That’d be great, I wanna incorporate modal synthesis into my BA, did you go for any other software?