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Mlys Two Mass Osc params

I’m exploring modal objects properties with MLys for a start (MAX 6) I have been using the Let’s Patch tutorial. I have questions regarding two mass mono directions oscillators:


  1. Are there limits to the stiffness, mass, or pitch parametric values to avoid crashes?
  2. Using the Pitch param. instead of stiffness and mass: does the controller’s pitch significantly affect the sound? I haven’t noticed any differences using various scalings, from 0-1. to 0-100. Is the pith defined by a ratio, or a frequency in Hz/cents?
  3. The higher the pitch value, the more it seems to affect the coherence between the visual control and the sound, for instance, using the slider in the tutorial to control the plectrum). The sound occurs BEFORE the actual excitation takes place
  4. Controlling the controler’s speed with a [line]: @positionconnection
    – with the same speed and amplitude, one can get completely different renderings: a clean, sharp attack, or a rough, noisy one, with a feel of longitudinal vibrations.
    – not the same accuracy as with the live slider. Is there a way to fine tune the [line] object? Maybe changing Max’s sample rate? But in that case, why would be get more accuracy is allowed by live slider.
    Is there anything that should be done to get a better controller’s behaviour ?

I’m attaching the modified tutorial patch

Thanks a lot!

Mlys.LetsPatch1.maxpat (42.7 KB)