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Mlys: trompette example patch says "ERROR: Could not make controller expression"

Hello !

I am trying to run trompette.maxpat from the folder Modalys/Examples/instruments

—— I get the following error:

trompette.mlys example says “ERROR: Could not make controller expression”
I tried to get rid of most controller CONSTANT expressions in the file. It did not solve the issue.

trompette.mlys was generated from ModaLisp.
ModaLisp.app gives me the same error with the example file ex22 - trumpet.lisp.
The problem is here:

(plot-value pl-carac “flow”
(make-controller 'expression 1 -1 “if(in(2,1)==0,0,in(1,1))”
(list t_flow pos-relative)))

—— Exporting ex22 - trumpet.lisp from ModaLisp into a mlys file makes modalys~ in Max crash.

Any idea?