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Mlys lua + 3d mesh .obj

Hello everyone,

Just looking some general feedback/strategy on experiences with using .obj files in mlys.lua. I have been having mixed results with working with premade .obj meshes.

I managed to build some that i did not expect them to work and others that I thought would work but didn’t.

Since the crashing that comes with the non working meshes has little information as to what went wrong, I am curious as to how are others approaching this.

What are the principles to follow?
Instant Meshes has been invaluable, since I as I understand it helps you align better the field on the mesh. Is this something that are others have been trying?

Some other questions:

Building meshes following a homothetical approach like the ones found in Modalisp examples is still the best option? Or can there be more complex geometries? What makes a good/healthy/non-degenerate mesh?

I managed to get sound from this sphere for example:

But comparing it to other more simple meshes, I get crashes. So I can’t quite troubleshoot to see what to look out for.

Για συ Emiddio,

Sorry for this late answer!
The best, as always, is to post examples! I can then look into them very quickly and easily :wink: