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Min system requirements?

Apart from the expectation to use the latest OS etc. - what are the minimum requirements?
(I had no success running the Ircamax 2 beta on my 10.6.8 studio machine (latest Live/Max versions)
It seems that all Modalys devises can’t be authorized…)


I run the devices in 10.6.8 at home. Modalys can’t be authorized thru Live. But if you try another device as SpectralDelay, you should have a popup asking you the Key. And Modalys should be authorized too.

Does any one else have a problem with the authorization process ?


I didn’t have to authorize, it just worked. I assume it’s because I had authorized Ircamax 1 before.


Hi crk,

Did you finally make everything work ?


Hi Jean,

Sadly not on my studio mac. Still the same issue - the worst thing is that the error message can’t be clicked away - i have to force quit Live…


on another note: i can’t for some reason access this forum from the ableton intranet.


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Ok, so let’s do what it this way… Here you have the authorization tool of Modalys. Launch it and enter the key we gave you. If it has expired, we will generate a new one.

Let me know what’s happening !


Modalys-Authorization-Tool.app_.zip (122 KB)

And here is a new key, just in case !


Ircam_Activation_Key4.txt (2 KB)

Thanks Jean, this worked fine…


If anyone is Looking for a passage to Mavericks.
I confirm that IRCAMAX 2 runs on Mac OS 10.9 with Ableton Live 9.1, Max 6.1.5 and Modalys 3.3.1.


Good to know !