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Midi to score in linux

im quite skilled in pd, and on the way to understand antescofo interface, but as linux user im stuck without ascograph. is there any simple way to convert midi to score for antescofo?

thanks for help

I think you can get drag MIDI directly into Ascograph.

I have worked on an antescofo export from Open Music, available in the OMRuben library, in case you need that. There are some demo patches saving antescofo files: https://sourceforge.net/projects/omruben/
It may not contain all features available in Antescofo, but it’s a start for me.


Hallo Kubriel, Rubengjertsen.

You can convert a midi or a XML score into an Antescofo score without Ascograph through a web service at the address:

upload or drop a file on the web page, and the converted score will be downloaded on your computer.

A good (antescofo?) summer,

thank you very much, seems like Jean-Louis answer is working very well for me.
however i need some time to test it out with my midi files.

it does not want to follow midi signal.

| \
[pack f f}
[antescofo~ @inlets MIDI @outlets beatnum midiout]

with [start( message sended to it.

i tried with files coming from antescofo-converter but also scores in example folder.
score opens fine, plays fine with sequencer, but no following. any suggestions?

thanks for any help

EDIT: forgot to mention that audio folowing is working fine.

Hello @Kubriel

What do you mean by not following / working? Do you get any message? Could you send your antescofo file for us to test?

hallo @arshiacont
here is my puredata patch with some comments.
i dont get no error message, but neither score folowing data.
doesnt matter which score i load.

thank you!

antescofoMIDI.pd (3.68 KB)

ok, here is a screenshot of path above, in case someone see some obvious mistake i dont see.
thanks for any help.


please use the following address from now:

Have a good conversion