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MIDI file created from OM corrupt

Hi! I created a patch that creates a MIDI file to use with the OM tutorial 29. In the patch I create eventually a poly object with 2 voices. If I export the poly to MusicXML I get the correct values of the notes but if I write the poly object out as a MIDI file using save-as-midi the duration values and onsets are all wrong. Instead of the anticipated 1/4 n0te and 1/4 rest sequence I get much smaller time values.
tutorial 29.mid (361 Bytes)

create midi.omp (35.6 KB)

Dear fm42,

Thanx for reporting this bug.
Here is a patch fix (to be put in the init folder of OM). Will be corrected in the next release.

midi-save-fix.lisp (552 Bytes)

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Thank you that worked!