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Midi channel colours

hello omlisters,
is there a way to change the default colours for midi channels? as they also appear with dur and dyn it would be great if it could be user selectable. channel 8 for example is yellow over white background… difficult to my eyes.
is that possible?
as usual, thanks in advance.

Dear Perti,

Yes of course. But you need to hack it by yourself for the time being, because there is no graphical interface created for this now. It is not difficult, but it is not a priority for the time being.
So here what you should do if you are in a hurry:

Some of the basic colors in om are defined, amongst them the midi chan colors stored in the 16-color-list variable. So you can change anything you like.

(setf om-black-color (om-make-color 0 0 0))
(setf om-gray-color (om-make-color 0.5 0.5 0.5))
(setf om-red-color (om-make-color 1 0 0))
(setf om-red2-color (om-make-color 0.7 0.3 0.3))
(setf om-blue-color (om-make-color 0 0 1))
(setf om-green-color (om-make-color 0 1 0))
(setf om-orange-color (om-make-color 1 0.5 0.25))
(setf om-pink-color (om-make-color 1 0 1))
(setf om-wine-color (om-make-color 0.50 0 0))
(setf om-dark-blue-color (om-make-color 0 0 0.5))
(setf om-yellow-color (om-make-color 1 1 0))
(setf om-purple-color (om-make-color 0.75 0.61 0.98))
(setf om-light-blue-color (om-make-color 0 1 1))
(setf om-cafe-color (om-make-color 0.5 0.25 0.25))
(setf om-green2-color (om-make-color 0.37 0.73 0.62))
(setf om-salmon-color (om-make-color 0.99 0.62 0.45))
(setf om-steel-blue-color (om-make-color 0.41 0.54 0.67))

;;my defined color:
(setf om-my-yellow-color (om-make-color 0.8 0.8 0.1))) ;darker yellowcolor?

(setf 16-color-list
(list om-blue-color om-red-color om-green-color om-orange-color
om-pink-color om-wine-color om-dark-blue-color om-my-yellow-color ;<- changed it here
om-black-color om-gray-color om-purple-color om-light-blue-color
om-cafe-color om-green2-color om-salmon-color om-steel-blue-color))
Just open the lisp file with your listener, and evaluate it (cmd+y on mac, on linux/win ctrl+y)
You just change the values. You need to close and open the editor to refresh it afterwards.
One evaluation will set all editors as desired.

Here is the lisp file
om-colors.lisp (1.4 KB)


merci beaucoup! Karim, you’re my ange gardien, always willing to make my om workflow better and agile. the lisp file works nicely and now I can see better, without having to change back and forth between channels while editing. my eyes and myself are grateful.
thanks a lot again,